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The secret of incredibly effective action of potency tablets for men from SperMAX Control are three types of ginseng extracts, supplemented with Maca root, l-arginine and nutmeg, guarana and lovage. It is these plants, and more precisely their medical properties, that when taking erection pills you can make love for longer, better and most of all more intense orgasms. Sounds like a fairy tale? For men who have lost their sexual potential, wanting to play in bed and whose potential oscillates around zero, SperMAX Control may be the only chance to return to a normal sex life. In addition, its effect also indicates the improvement of sperm quality, which is important when applying for a child. The product has been clinically tested on a representative group of over a hundred men, which gives very reliable results. And these indicate that SperMAX Control potency pills work for men of any age, any race and with any physical condition, although the right diet and healthy body can further improve the results of the treatment. The erection diet supplement for men can be bought without a prescription, which is why SperMAX Control enjoys such interest especially among the shy part of the male population who does not want to go to the doctor with their problem.

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In my industry, women are rare specialists, but thanks to their gender, we can much more objectively assess the operation of various potency preparations, which my colleagues often approach emotionally. Therefore, as a sexuologist specializing in male erection disorders, decreased libido and general sex problems, I can recommend SperMAX Control erection pills - fully objectively and professionally. I evaluate their actions very highly on the basis of two premises: research and composition (producer factor) and the opinions of men themselves (external factor). In the first case, there are several independent tests and several groups tested for the effectiveness of SperMAX Control. In all tests the results are unambiguous and indicate the safety of the preparation, efficacy, lack of allergic and sensitizing reactions and no side effects. In the second case, i.e. based on the opinion of men using these erection pills, the results are even better than in the tests carried out by the manufacturer. Over 95% of the interviewed men confirmed that after using SperMAX Control their sex became better, orgasms more intense and the quality of sexual life increased significantly. The reasons for such positive reviews can be found in the composition of capsules, in which there is room for up to three different types of ginseng (Brazilian, Indian, proper), each of which has different properties. Ginseng as a typical aphrodisiac plant is excellent in the treatment of potency, but also supports male sexuality, increases excitement and increases the quality (and even taste) of sperm. In addition, SperMAX Control also contains strong extracts from lovage, nutmeg, oats, guarana and Maca root, and the whole is complemented by l-arginine, known for its great effect on the endocrine system and the production of testosterone. I recommend this dietary supplement for potency, because its action will certainly positively affect sexuality, masculinity and self-confidence of every man.

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I've been watching positive changes since SperMAX Control came into my life. I love my wife not only more often, but also I feel more satisfaction about it.

Mike 52 age

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I have definitely more energy in bed, wanting to have sex, and orgasms are just a fairy tale.

Joseph 35 age

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I do a lot of sex but its quality did not satisfy me. I wanted to change something and my buddy recommended SperMAX Control.

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After my illness, my desire for sex fell to the dissatisfaction of my wife. I tested the pills for potency out of curiosity, and it turned out that she really did work.

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- L-Arginine

- Brazilian ginseng

- Lovage